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Special Notice:

 Due to the heavy volume of holiday-related packages not all items are sorted and processed in our system the same day that they are shown (by the shippers tracking system) as having been delivered.
Packages often arrive at our location later in the day and they may not be processed and sorted until the next business day. 

Where possible, please allow one extra day (after the package is shown as having been delivered) before you call us to confirm delivery or before you arrive at our location expecting to pick your package(s) up the same day it was shown as "delivered".

Thank you for your understanding.

Need a new or better location to have your US packages shipped to in Houlton, Maine.  Call Mike at Shiretown Package Receiving today (1-207-538-6974) to find out how easy and economical it really can be.

At Shiretown Package Receiving we offer...

  • Professional and friendly service.
  • Clean, organized and well-lighted customer reception area.
  • Clutter-free parking area.
  • Canadian money at par.
  • All inside package storage.
  • Small packages or large pallets, no problem.
  • No yearly "service fees" or “membership fees”.
  • Pay "per package" only, starting at only $2 per package, depending upon weight.
  • Leave any vehicle for up to 72 hours for only $50, while awaiting export to Canada. (Outside parking)

Handy New Service:  Are you thinking about purchasing a Snowmobile, ATV, 4 Wheeler, Motorcycle, Jet-Ski, Car, Truck, Pick-Up, Van or SUV in the United States?   Do you need a secure place to store it for the 72 hour period while the paperwork clears the US Customs office?   We can store your Snowmobile, ATV, 4 Wheeler, Jet-Ski or Motorcycle inside our building so it will be “out of the weather” and safe from any possible vandalism, damage or theft.   We can also make arrangements to have your Car, Truck, Pick-Up, Van or SUV stored indoors and in a secure location, if you feel the need for that service.  Please give us a call today to find out more...  (1-207-538-6974)

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday:  8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Local US Time (9:00 AM until 6:00 PM New Brunswick Time)
Saturdays:  8:00 AM until 12:00 Noon Local US Time (9:00 AM until 1:00 PM New Brunswick Time)

Holiday Hours:

   Please remember to print-off and bring the receipt(s) for your packages before leaving for the USA.   Not all stores, companies, suppliers or shippers include a detailed receipt in the package. You must have the detailed receipt(s), for your declaration at Canada Customs, upon returning to Canada.

Please Note:   Packages that are not claimed and not picked-up after a 90 day period will be disposed of at our discretion.    If you order an item, please make all attempts to pick it up in a timely manner.  Got a question???   Call us at 1-207-538-6974 today...!

Click here for Vehicle Export Requirements/Information

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